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The importance of effective patient education

We all can agree that especially in today’s age, when information is so readily available from so many sources, effective patient education is more important than ever. Patient education plays an essential role in helping patients understand and accept their diagnosis and the possible treatment options as well as the necessary behavioral or even lifestyle changes that will ultimately result in successful treatment.

Traditional patient education materials are often too long and detailed, written at a level too high for many patients to understand the content. Almost all patients prefer medical advice that is simple and easy to understand. Research shows that patients who are well informed and who take an active part in their dental treatment are more likely to have better results. Visual aids, multimedia technologies, and corresponding handouts can improve the patients’ understanding of their dental condition and the necessary treatment or therapy.

The dental patient education materials developed by Clue Dental Marketing were created with this very thought in mind. They are engaging, attractive, and present dental conditions and procedures in a way simple enough to understand even for someone with very basic dental knowledge.


The MÜVI system features a growing library of meticulously scripted and rendered 3D patient education videos in stunning HD quality. MÜVI has been tested and verified to work on a wide range of devices, from mobile phones and tablets to laptops and desktops. It comes with your practice name, website and social media links applied to the navigation bar, so your patients are not distracted by third-party advertisement. The live search box makes finding the desired videos a breeze. Just start typing into the MÜVI search box and watch as the playlist displays the related videos in real-time.

You can add a MÜVI icon right to the home screen of your mobile device, allowing you to instantly access your education videos and to use them as part of your chairside patient education.


Clue’s Treatment Presentation Aids summarize the most common treatment options in an easy to follow manner and compare key features of the procedures. They feature images from the education videos so they will look familiar to your patients. This gives you the opportunity to refer back to the videos and to recommend the course of treatment most suitable for your patient’s needs and circumstances. Treatment aids measure 11X17 inches and are printed on thick, high-gloss water-resistant paper. They are dry-erase marker compatible so you can present your recommendations in an even more impactful way. Then just wipe the marker off and use the aid again for the next patient.


The same information can be given to your patients in a more compact, tri-fold brochure format that is printed on thick, high-gloss water-resistant paper and include your logo and practice information. This will give them the option to discuss their recommended treatment with their spouses or parents and to get answer to any additional questions they may have. It is also a good idea to refer them back to your website to allow them the opportunity to watch the education videos related to their condition one more time. And this is how Clue’s patient education comes full circle.

To find out more about our MÜVI Patient Education System be sure to visit our website and try a live demo. Our Treatment Presentation Aids and tri-fold brochures are featured in our Clue Store.