Clue Launches Patient Education Videos

We are excited to announce that we are launching our first set of Patient Education Videos this month!

All TOD clients will have access to our dental movie licensing program, free of charge.
The first 3 movies launching in February are Dental Implants, Root Canals, and Periodontal Disease. Please take a moment to view the sample clips from these videos below. Please note that these are just partial samples. The full movies are in between 1-3 minutes:

Root Canals

Dental Implants

Periodontal Disease

TOD Clients: Please inquire on Basecamp if you are interested in the movies and we will upload our Licensing Agreement.

If you are not currently enrolled in TOD but have interest in the movies, please leave a note on Basecamp and we can discuss options for using the movies on your website.

Kind Regards,