Making the Most Out of Your Patient Referral Program

Many offices have patient referral programs. That isn’t very unusual. However, different offices have varying levels of success in bringing in new patients. So what do you do to be sure your program to reaches its full potential? We have some tips.

Let’s start with the obvious: the referral cards. Be sure to place them in prominent places throughout the office! The reception desk is a great place to set referral cards to be sure they’re seen. Feel free to also place them on waiting room tables and in rooms. Sometimes these places are easier to look over, so we recommend always having referral materials near the reception desk. Don’t stop at just strategically placing cards around the office. Tuck the cards in hygiene bags and attach them to walk out statements as well.

To have the most successful patient referral program, chances are you’ll have to do more than simply purchase the basic referral cards and put them somewhere. Be sure not to neglect face to face interaction! Mention the program to patients. Assign team members to bring up the referral program. Try starting with something complimentary such as “We’d love more patients like you!…” In-person interactions are often said to be the most effective marketing activity in the case of small businesses. Talk to your patients and hopefully your patients will talk about you to friends and family.

Don’t forget about the rest of your media. Mention your patient referral program in other advertising and marketing material. Add a link to an online referral form on your website. Mention the program on your social media accounts. Bring up the program in ads, postcards, newsletters, etc.

Finally, let patients who refer know how much you appreciate it! Hand-written notes and personalized gifts are a great way to say thank you.

We wish you the best in your future acquisition of new patients!