Introduction to Online Video Marketing

Aside from social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc., online videos also serve as an essential element of digital marketing. Motion and visuals attract the human eye, thus making videos a necessary online tool. Some major companies have had huge success with their videos going viral, but you don’t have to aim that high. Producing sophisticated videos that target patients can increase your office’s online visibility, and ultimately recruit prospective patients.

Are you asking yourself, “what videos could I possibly put on my website?” Let us give you some inspiration.

  • Product or service: Show your patients what procedures your practice offers – dental implants, root canal treatment, etc. Did you just install new equipment in the office? Demonstrate why your new Kodak 9000 3D CT Scanner is the latest, greatest technology for your patients.
  • Customer Testimonials: Let your loyal patients communicate their good experiences at your office directly to your website visitors. This allows prospective patients to envision themselves in the shoes of your patients.
  • Bragging Rights: Did your practice make a donation to a cause or host a fundraiser, such as Dentistry from the Heart? Establish that your practice appreciates community and charity to show that you’re more than just an office.
  • Office Tour: Create a connection by spotlighting the staff and showcasing your place of business. This allows prospects to get a sense of your office atmosphere before they ever set foot in your office. If your staff is personable, professional, and fun, show it! Your practice will look more attractive through a creative and original video.

An example of a well executed video by Crystal Clear Dental of Tinley Park, Illinois:

Boost your business’s online presence and jump into the world of online video marketing. Your current clients will enjoy watching their doctor and staff in a new light while your prospects will be enticed to call your office today.

Setting up professional email addresses for your practice

Email was one of the first online modes of communication to catch on in a big way. Now it is the standard for sending fast, reliable messages to family, coworkers, and friends. Even if you do not consider yourself a tech-savvy person, you probably have a personal email address and/or a work email address. Free email hosts like Gmail and Yahoo make it quick and easy to get a functional email account up and running, but setting up a unique set of professional emails can be a bit more challenging. Here are a few pointers to get you started on setting up professional email accounts for your practice. Even if your dental marketing company is setting up the email service for you, you’ll know which questions to ask every step of the way.

 Why have a professional email rather than a free account?

While Gmail is great for a personal email account, many people like keeping their personal emails and work emails separate. Since spammers are more likely to switch between free accounts than risk getting paid accounts blocked, many people see a professional email address as a sign that your practice is legitimate. Incorporating the name of your practice in a free email account can also be awkward: is far less succinct and memorable than A common email domain among staff members makes communication with patients or referring doctors clear and consistent. It also ties your email address in with your website’s address!

 How do I get a professional email address?

Creating your professional email addresses is not quite as simple as setting up a Gmail account – but the good news is that it is well worth the effort!

 If you don’t currently have a website or domain name:

A domain name is a unique online address that you can purchase and register with a web host; it will be the online “home” of your website and email addresses. Your dental marketing company will likely take care of all the technical logistics, but if you’d like to learn more see our <a href=”″>Website 101</a> post. The first step is to choose an easy-to-remember domain name that is specific to your practice, such as Once your domain name is registered, you can set up an email address through the web hosting account.  Some accounts come with a limited number of email addresses, while others come with unlimited.

Once you’ve registered your email address with your web host, you can begin to send and receive emails from your new address. For convenient access to your emails, we recommend setting your email address up on an email application such as Mail or Microsoft Outlook. If you have an old email address, you may want to back up all your old emails if you would still like to have access to them. You can also set up your old email account to forward to your new address, as long as your former address was a free account or you are continuing to pay the hosting service for an old email.

 If you already have a domain name:

If you already have a website and domain name, you’ll need to transfer your domain name to your new site’s host account in order to set up your email addresses. You’ll have to go into your former web host account and get a permission code to transfer the domain to a new host. Once the domain is transferred, your dental marketing company can register email addresses under the domain. If you had previous email addresses with your old hosting account, be aware that these will no longer work once you transfer the domain name. The same will occur if you stop paying for an old email hosting account. We recommend that you back your old emails up before switching. In the end, it will be worth it to have the same email domain as your website!

Clue Dental Marketing welcomes the opportunity to assist you with any questions or concern you have about emails. Feel free to post a question or comment or contact us at!