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Professional Practice Portraits on a Budget!


Many of our projects here at Clue Dental Marketing call for photographs of our clients and their staff. Read on to learn how to take professional portraits yourself that look great and don’t break the bank!

1: Find the best camera in your practice!
Most dental offices have digital cameras for patient photos, intraoral photos or before and after photos. This same camera may be used! If you do not have a digital camera, someone’s cell phone may be used. The newer, higher end cell phones tend to have better cameras.

2: Find the best location in your practice!
Find a large, flat wall with a solid color, a light background works best. Remove any photos, decorations or any clutter from the wall.

3: Keep it Simple
Do not include any objects, pets or children. The photo should be of only you.

4: Dress Professionally
Make sure your photo depicts you in a manner that is appropriate for dentistry. Typically, this would be a dress shirt or blouse, a shirt and tie, or even a suit. Choose solid dark colors like blue or black. Avoid white or light colors! Avoid strapless dresses or strapless tops. Always avoid too much makeup or jewelry.

5: Stand about 10 feet away.
It’s important to have some distance so that there is enough area around you to crop and resize later in Photoshop.

6: Strike a pose!
Be sure to turn slightly to the right (your left shoulder would be closer to the camera) as opposed to taking the photo straight on (where both shoulders would be the same distance to the camera).

This is helpful because most of the photos will be used on the right side of the document, website, or any other use and you will be facing “in” to the document.

7: Take several TYPES of photos
Try out using flash, no flash, standard exposure and/or HDR exposure. Take the photos in portrait mode (vertical) not landscape (horizontal). Take 3-5 versions of each TYPE of photo.

8: Compare all photos and choose the best TYPE of photo
Look at the photos you’ve taken and choose which type of photo seems best. For example, if you pick a photo with flash for one person, you should also use photos with flash for everyone else.

9: Choose the best photos from the same TYPE
Now, look only at the flash photos (or whichever type of photo you chose from earlier) and choose the best one to send to Clue’s designers and we will work them into your project!

Clue Launches Patient Education Videos

We are excited to announce that we are launching our first set of Patient Education Videos this month!

All TOD clients will have access to our dental movie licensing program, free of charge.
The first 3 movies launching in February are Dental Implants, Root Canals, and Periodontal Disease. Please take a moment to view the sample clips from these videos below. Please note that these are just partial samples. The full movies are in between 1-3 minutes:

Root Canals

Dental Implants

Periodontal Disease

TOD Clients: Please inquire on Basecamp if you are interested in the movies and we will upload our Licensing Agreement.

If you are not currently enrolled in TOD but have interest in the movies, please leave a note on Basecamp and we can discuss options for using the movies on your website.

Kind Regards,

Does your dental website need a makeover?

Is your website scaring away potential patients? Check out these 4 reasons why patients may be heading to your competitors after seeing your website!

Poor Color Choices

The first and most obvious sign of an poorly designed dental website is lousy color choice. There are so many things that can go wrong with colors: colors that are too bright, generic computer default colors, overly saturated colors, too many bold colors at once, too many colors in general, font colors, or just plain ugly colors.

A simple Google search of “websites with bad color” will show you a pattern of what you want to avoid. Use color with caution, limit your palette and chose colors that match your brand.

Too Much Text

Another common mistake on your dental website is the use of too much text. If visitors see too many long paragraphs, they assume they will have to do a lot of reading to find the information they’re looking for. When using text on your website, use smaller paragraphs or bullet lists. Divide text in to different sections and think about breaking it up with relevant photos or graphics only if that makes sense with the content. If you have something to say that does warrant writing more, try using a headline and a partial paragraph with a link to read more if they choose.

Music and/or Video on Autoplay

Do you have music or a video that is set to autoplay when a person visits your site? We hope not! However, if you do, you are certainly not the only one to make this mistake. You probably thought the sound or video you chose to autoplay was pretty good or else you wouldn’t have chosen it. Well, not everyone has the same taste as you. I’m sure you’ve experienced pulling up a web page that had awful music or a loud video that you couldn’t turn off fast enough. Even if it wasn’t the worst music in the world, maybe you we’re just confused on where the sound was coming from and wanted to listen to the news instead. Don’t be that website.

Hidden Contact Information

Finally, be sure your contact info is easy to find! You want visitors to look at your site then decide that your practice seems relevant to them and proceed to call you to set up an appointment. If it’s not easy to find your contact info, this is a problem. If it’s buried in clutter or your site has poor navigation, you should address these problems and try to make your website as clean and easy to navigate as possible. You should be sure that there is a contact button in an obvious location such as the main navigation tabs.

Did we miss anything? Leave a comment and let us know what website features bother you the most!

Clue Launches New “Request an Appointment” Form

We’re excited to launch our new “Request an Appointment Form”!

Clue’s new pop-up form features clean, modern styling and advanced functionality. The top of the form can be customized to match the doctor’s website.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.09.34 PM

Preferred appointment date is now selected in a pop-up calendar.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.09.50 PM


Key contact information is required. A patient cannot submit the form with missing or malformed information.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.10.15 PM

Upon completion, the information will be emailed to the dentist.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.11.15 PM

Questions or comments?

Leave a message and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about our new form!

Google’s Hummingbird Update will help Dental Practices Target Patients

How will Google’s new update, Hummingbird, affect for your dental website?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Google’s new search algorithm, Hummingbird. Before jumping to any conclusions I want to assure you that there’s no need to worry; your website will be just fine (if it has been properly coded with white hat SEO techniques). Hummingbird has been designed to be more precise and to focus on conversational searches rather than traditional search terms, helping target patients who are seeking specialized dental services.

Hummingbird uses a new algorithm to revamp traditional searches; one that looks at a query as a whole sentence or conversation rather than a string of words. This will allow users to track more complex search queries that focus on the meaning behind a search –what the searcher is really asking or seeking.

Google’s Hummingbird is also designed to reflect the modern search trends and promote the use of social media for SEO.  As more people are using search engines via mobile devices and/or voice activation, there is a benefit behind a search engine that links conversations from multiple social media outlets.

Hummingbird will affect 90% of searches and is considered the first top-to-bottom rewrite of Google’s search algorithm.  It looks at intent of the search and relays advanced data (where, how, and when someone queries), which will allow SEO companies to develop a content strategy that is more sophisticated and focused for their client. The update is expected to help rankings for websites with proper coding and a strong social media presence.

Have questions about Google Hummingbird? Leave a comment!

Clue Dental Marketing Attends Dentistry from the Heart Event

Last Friday we volunteered at Ahoyt Family Dental’s 2nd Dentistry from the Heart event. Since its inception, Dentistry from the Heart has grown to include over 250 annual events nationwide and has served more than 80,000 people of need with free dental care.

Take a look at some of our favorite pictures from the event:


Participants battled the heat and waited patiently in line for free dental care consisting of fillings, extractions, and dental cleanings. Services were provided for 91 participants, up from 69 participants in 2012.

039_144_Ahoyt Family Dental - 2013 Denistry from the Heart_Here’s a picture of Tom, Geraldine and I (left to right) holding down the fort at the signup table.

144_144_Ahoyt Family Dental - 2013 Denistry from the Heart_

Food and refreshments were served thanks to all of our helpers.

082_144_Ahoyt Family Dental - 2013 Denistry from the Heart_

The DJ played music and held several trivia contests for all of the participants as they waited for their turn to head inside.

138_144_Ahoyt Family Dental - 2013 Denistry from the Heart_

Although this was my first Dentistry from the Heart event, this was the second event attended by the rest of the Clue team. It was truly a great experience and I look forward to helping out at next year’s event!

All photographs were taken by Geraldine Teotico. You can view more of her work at